Tell My Mom I'm Sorry

by Rebel One

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Tell My Mom, I'm Sorry is an epic tale of love, hatred, consumerism, and the intense desire to destroy industry constructs. It's a sonic experience unlike any other.


released October 10, 2016

Written, Produced, and Performed by Rebel One, featuring IAMQuen. Special recognition for Ambrosia, Blaze, and Tough Junkie.



all rights reserved


REBEL ONE Jacksonville, Florida

I make hits. Born and raised into music, classically trained in percussion and piano from the age of five. Since 1995, I've been producing, composing, and writing music for a wide variety of genres and artists. Been around the free world, experienced cultures and music that helped forge an eclectic style that is likened to none other. ... more

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Track Name: 01 Super Villain
Now, in Metronome, USA, law enforcement is heard assessing a delicate situation.
The Detective speaks with the Lieutenant on the phone, frantically:
Detective - “Ex-excuse me? What are you talking about? Wait. Stop. Stop. Start over.”
Lieutenant - “Sir, I’ve never seen this before. The noises, the sounds! I don’t know if we have the manpower to deal with him!”
Detective - “Lieutenant, I need you to issue a full report! Report back to me expeditiously. EXPEDITIOUSLY! Issue a full report, REAL TIME, from the field! Who is this guy?! I need answers, and I need them NOW! (*Phone Slams)”

Pull out your weapons, call the cavalry guard
It’s the firestarter, hellraiser, lackin regard
For human welfare, you all are equally worthless.
Weapons will end you, converting semis to hearses
Scream for your deities- the industry’s ya Jesus, I’m Judas
I bag fiends, tell Magdalene her savior is stupid.
Slay with Anti-Establishment Mags
Use rap shit to wrap bastards on my blacklist in black bags
Black Flags wave in place of stripes and stars
Symbol of dominion using lines and bars.
One step, boot stomps seismically trashed cars.
I’m the Super Villain and winning, it’s written in the stars.
It’s Hades or Beelzebub, Azazel or Damien
Either way it’s Luciferian when the beat came in.
Whatever Thou Wilst, whatever I kill
It’s dead meat walking, till the industry stands still.

You can’t run from pain.
Whatever I will. Whatever I kill.
It’s dead meat walking, till the industry stands still.
You can’t run from pain.
Whatever I will. Whatever I kill.
It’s dead meat walking, till the industry stands still.

(Emergency sirens, turmoil, buildings falling, screams…)
Track Name: 02 Vengeance
Supervillain with a cape and a black mask
No chase, sippin’ venom from a packed flask
Power-packed when I pass you on the freeway
A jetpack makes my getaway ea-say.
Airborne like a smoke cloud
Spreading poison on your rat pack, Rrrraaaahhh!
Death is everywhere!
Just lemme get my Hands on
A slick haired, debutant smooth faced Debonair
Nerd-lookin' Hero, Shit even he knows,
I bring Pain, my chain gain deboes Deboes No way the fiends go,
Anywhere but hard through schoolyards
To Terrorize a boulevard
Zip code, Residence, anywhere your Memah,
Grandpa Cousin 'nem chill at
I'm in there with vengeance
Blood sucka mouths like dentists
Four-finger jewelry's the sickest
Dont start shit, but end shit. Real Jackson Villain up in this
Glass jaws targets receiving the bizness
We are deceitful citizens, believe
The roll call of my fleet is a slime skeets
25-to-life to spit fire from rhyme sheets
Fire burn the fancy pants niggas that rhyme sweet
That aint hip hop, that aint from my street

Run bitches, I terrorize
Whites, natives, alligators, or arachnids with 8 eyes
Take flies, and organize the chaos
Maggots in your mattress, I catch you on your day off.
Make off like a politician or Madoff
And withdraw antics till opposition takes off.
Break off like fake lashes, a fate tragic
face wrapped in Suran mates with pavement in traffic
Digress. Diet pills and Dayquil
Make minds mess, Losing grip, Yes
Insane in the grey matter membrane
Killswitch engage make the thang thang go bang-bang
I, rather, WE will gang bang
Gangbangers with coat hangers till dang-a-langs become
dank stains
Stank lingers from wild flames
Coal bodies, briquettes- shish kabobs made from wild lames.

The Rebel speaks: “Hehehehe-hahahah. Yes! I, rather WE have come! I am many, and bring a message for your leaders. I will find them and I WILL make them learn. This, we prom-he he hehsssse.”
(He takes a few steps, then dons a walkie talkie.)
“Blaze, do you copy?”
“Blaze here. ETA (length of time between here and halfway point of Getaway car).
“Good. Good. Ensure all is taken care of. Spare no expense, including blood if necessary.”
“I'm on it. It is secure.”
“Put her on.”
She speaks:
“Rebel, What's happening? I don't understand.”
“Dont worry. We have it all under control.”
“We?! Who is we…?”
Track Name: 03 Cant Tell (IntelCoPro)
Hush, Hush. Hurry hurry lover, run
Don't speak, listen close; I'm underneath the gun.
Waiting to catch ‘em sleeping, pacing
like its Thursday, the 12th. 11oclock and I'm Jason.
Nation with a thirst for Mallards, beige faces
Wading through Raptor homes with staged playlists.
Out like it never played, through beats rhymes life
The platter winds twice, sidewinder with the fade.
Punchlines on the slave gained knowledge thru the speakerbox
I can't tell you if it aint rolled in ya sneaker socks
Pushin good. Pedal wood, certified bangers
Be careful who you know, but maintain strangers.
Can't tell you bout the ramifications
can't tell you cz tellin takes time and I'm running outta patience
All I can say is my face is in places, traced in red
Chasing bread, draped in dread, complacence is dead.

The Detective impatiently hails his staff. “Lieutenant. Lieutenant! Status report!”
“We have all patrols out in a 15 block radius. We’ll have coverage of the suspect from above and below. Social media is covered. We think we have a good idea of what he wants.
“And what's that?”
“You, sir.”
“What the *squelch*?!”
Track Name: 04 Getaway Car
VERSE 1 (The Surprise)
I hear a walkie bleep...
The pigs are after me
Formation suggests a trap, I
Transform into an athlete.
My body is fine tuned, grissled thru my arms
I'm lean, mean, supreme like I was made by Ernie Barnes, majestic
Hurdle benches, channeling Jesse Owens,
Its me versus the man like im written by Donald Goings.
Defy gravity, im higher than a 8-Ball Dose
Of life in jeopardy, Trebeck aint holding answers, nope.
My steps like a panthers,
Aching as my lungs sting
Badly feeling like I got cancer.
"Worldstar!" and "Run, Bro!" Is all I hear from younguns
Hate the Cameras, but I'm realler than life, I'm Paul Bunyon
Call my weapon Babe, she gets to taking off heads
Aint nothing left to claim the bodies by except legs.
Eat them. It's Cannibalism with wine and rare mints
Ginsu unexpectedly skilled with lazers hangin from air vents.
Run. Im on the move, got lots to move
But cops'll do anything for guap like prostitutes.
Somebody paid 'em off, doe buys loyalty
Amazing what a Caddy does, have em acting like royalty
Im approach one, I know his partner's not far
Belly to back slam and shazaam- im in his squad car
"Be on the lookout for..." a black male marauder
On a mission for blood, lives getting slaughtered
Fuck 'em. And fuck her, too- I'm elbows deep in pigs
She told, now I'm driving across medians like the Stig
Tight through a chicane of cars, people diving off the sidewalk
Evil's in one ear and in the other I hear Clyde talk.
By any means, what does by any mean?
Leave none or leave some? Is there no grey or in-between?
Track Name: 05 Beautiful (Seasons of Hate)
05 BEAUTIFUL (Seasons of Hate)
She's righteous as Marilyn McCoo, solid gold wiz.
Thru her I live forever, gave me nosey kids
I love her, Love her enough that I can walk away
Made a diversion, I know she didnt plan to stay
In a life of secrecy, while Im secretly screening police frequencies
My Heathens treating city streets like Tripoli.
Battles for days, battle brigades of badged slaves,
Sworn to protect these alleyways for a minimum wage.
Half of 'em are on my payroll, though. They got my girl
In a getaway car, squirreled her out, down the fire escape.
Call me from the safe house to let me know that she is safe.
All right okay? Affirmative- I’ve got action to pursue
Lights, cam-ras. I got knives, ham-maz, anger to use.
You right, I’m cray. Crazy enough, to do this to you
The hard way or the hard way, niggas you choose.

She speaks, and nothing she has to say is music to his ears.
“I can’t do this. I’m in some hotel room, or condo, or whatever this is- I don’t know who you are right now. I dont feel very safe. I don’t feel like I know who you are. I thought you said you had a job?! Why can’t you just get a real job? Nobody is going to listen to you! I mean, you’re not on TV doing this, you’re not on the radio with your, your,’re just “grinding”. And I’m done. I’m sorry, but I’m done. Good bye.”
Track Name: 06 Dreams and Deceit
Looked me in my face and said it
Forget it. You had an escape plan,
You were out from the Go- I get it.
The planet’s big- but your world view is small
If it wasn't for my influence, all you’d know was the mall
Shopping bags, labels. Poppin tags, and suede boots
Gossip with hags and gay dudes, you steadily tryna play cute.
Im tryna persuade you, do the opposite of what they do
An empire takes more than my efforts, you can get paid, too
What’s mine was yours, when I rhyme it pours
Calling me the bad guy, when the crime was yours.
You were forgiven for wrong. Yeah, I’m calling you wrong
Setting me up for the fall, baby is mad strong
Sad songs, they say So much regarding
Lessons learned in life, taught by Paul McCartney
48 Million ways, choose zero
You want a war? Doubtful, every skirmish loses heroes.

I said see you later, Cz goodbyes I hate
Lost so many homies, I would never tempt fate
Busy with the Biz, and all the sudden there’s Jake
The same chances in Hell as if a snowflake
I dreamt a child’s dream, breezy winds blow
Pinwheels spin, in the window lovely lights glow
For heaven’s sake, and heaven only knows
What I’ve got up my sleeve, today in Hell it snows
You said goodbye, and I suppose that’s the sentiment
I’m going with, you’ve turned coat like Benedict
But in this revolution, I have the solution
truth is, im ruthless, You tried kindness like Judas
You said Goodbye. You said goodbye. You said goodbye. You said goodbye.
Track Name: 07 Devil in Plain Sight
(Interlude) *sounds of war and gunfire and explosion heard as Rebel surrenders to the police.*

“Detective! Lower your weapons. I am here to offer you peace in exchange for a few moments of your time.”
“What kind of fool do you take me for, you son of a bitch?! Get on the ground, this second, or I’ll…”
“You’ll kill me, right? You’ll ruin me? Put me on a shelf? Have me sign a deal, so you can lock me up forever? Oh, I believe you will...try. But, I will come peacefully.”
(Sounds of a shackled man getting into a car. The doors close.)
“Damn, I miss her.”
Track Name: 09 Ten Minutes (The Revelation)
09 Ten MINUTES (The Revelation)
Cold. Devoid of light beams.
Event Horizon bending the fabric of your night. Dream.
Don't hesitate to close your eyes.
The Boogieman cometh, it's Lucifer dissing God
After falling from the skies.
Believe in me, because I don't believe in anything
Relating to peace and harmony
When harming me is a fable you wish was true, Sting
Of Death. The bible said it came with Victory
Well nigga please, the winner gets to write history
The defeated is defeated, depleted resources
The seat in your Porsches is horses powered
By forces obliged to drive your stupid asses to Hell.
In the time it takes for you to relate, I've transported
Your skull piece to over yonder, my hands torqued it
No need to ponder, there's magic in a murder scene
When seen by the public, they hug - the scene's serene.
Reds and blue lights paint the streets, gleam
With blood and memories of a moment obscene.
Seems-- like a second later... or sooner
There'd be no tears or questions from junior.
Believe in your future. I am your shooter, your executioner
I am obscene.

“You filthy street rat. How dare you question the system. How dare you- you worthless- we make YOU! And we own you. Look around. We have many in residence from East Coast, the Dirty South, West Coast...hell, we even have some overseas fool here- an Electronic guy. We have gone through great lengths to get you all here. And you will not be set free unless we choose to do so.”
“You think this is a prison? I’ve been in worse.”
“Good then solitary should suit you just fine.”
(Prison door slams shut)
Track Name: 10 Mood
“Guard, help me with this filth. Straight to the hole with this one.You see, you have to get into the minds of these people. You have to understand ‘em. They aren’t like us. It’s like they’re not all the way human or something. I mean, seriously. Look at ‘em. Who would do all this on purpose?”

I aint trying to be the greatest just keeping you stimulated
My mission is to enlighten while you vibing to the playlist.
I will, tell a story that's entirely relatable
Names have been changed, but the story aint debatable.
This is the realest shit I ever wrote, maybe. Close.
Like hunger was, I was homeless Cuz, drifting thru the streets like ghosts.
My folks aint have a clue. I would call 'em on burner phone
Stealing prepaid cards to activate the touchtone.
I'm sorry for that. I apologize heavy for wrongdoing
Wrong-choosing, player, now ya'll losing
Underestimations and flawed sleuthing.
Got you in a situation resulting in lost toothing.
Picking fights with a dude you got no clue about
It's all fun and bravdo till your fuckin juice come out
*Deep breath* Post traumatic now
From seeing death, or being a part of someone's- wow.
You see, I didnt know if son would make it
I mean, it was my coat, I'll be damn if I'd let him take it.
It's cold out. Shit, it's cold in- side I'm eating cans
Of non-perishables like I'm still on the block heating hands
Over steam billowing out the manholes
A man holds onto his past like driving a sedan Olds.
Track Name: 11 Bad (Behind Bars)
11 BAD
Talking, talking. That’s all you ever did.
Kids in the hall, flodgin impresses none- never did.
I promised pain if you persisted with bitch shit
Not to my face, that’s fugazi
Tried to play me- you need to body up
Or risk- getting bodied up, frozen
Taking to you a bull dozin’, I was chozen
To bang nails into coffins. close’m.
Lowered into a chamber of dirt
No fuck that! no closure
I want yo family broken
Losing all composure
I’m sparing you, but preparing to
Sharpen these daggers and tracking
Your siblings down and pairing the two.
Comparing me to, an animal
It’s Hannibal with the kung fu
Gorilla style, go real-a style
No beef, I’ll just eat you
With fork and ginsu
Knife blades, laced with Nightshade
Thumbed thru, organs and sinew
Sent you, a bastard in bitch’s clothes
Backwards, I’m colder than a witches nose
Or yo mama’s nipples when that bitch is cold
On the kitchen floor, beside her BF
Not yo pops cz he left when you was 3 yrs old.
I’m sorry, but you made me like
You made me like this
You made me like this sinister shit
You made me rip you to bits.
But by the time flies and the sunlight hits
I’m far more Lucifer than the devil admits.

Speaking from a dark place
A section in time
Born after death, tear the fabric of space
The end is here, the future is past
Born after death, I’m yesterday’s bad.
Speaking from a dark place
A section in time
Born after death, tear the fabric of space
The end is here, the future is past
Born after death, I’m yesterday’s bad.

When I say ONE, You say REBEL
Hands high- it’s a stickup, I’m flashing that metal
Slash with that beveled-edge, dagger that scatters dreads
Skills worse than AIDS in the 90s, spread by the Feds.
Old school murderer, I’m after folks jugulars
Marauding, stealing souls like a burglar.
It could all be simple, But you want it Complicated,
Look at all the drama you created.
When I say REBEL, you say ONE
When I fucking jump out, you break ‘n run
Black hoodie and a skittles bag, chill until provoked
It’s all hands on neck, you life is getting…
Squeezed out, fluids start to leak out
Channeling the old Gods, like druids when they speak out
It could all be simple, if you simply mind yours
I’m bad as nightmares, it’s seeping out my pores.

Speaking from a dark place
A section in time
Born after death, tear the fabric of space
The end is here, the future is past
Born after death, I’m yesterday’s bad.
Speaking from a dark place
A section in time
Born after death, tear the fabric of space
The end is here, the future is past
Born after death, I’m yesterday’s bad.

“(Laughing to himself, he begins to coil into madness) Damn, that was a good run. All that product. All that work. And Gooood, I can't possibly imagine leaving it. Heheheh, too much fun…”
Track Name: 12 Ten Minutes Later
Pimping is easy when
You got a product that's curvaceous and delicious mixed with a little Sid Vicious
Spikes down to the heely toe, sparkly, crazy icy eyelashes
With more Flashes of passion than behind the bleachers during gym classes.
Headboard knocking like
It's 1995 and your Suzuki Sidekicks equipped with Kickers and Magic Mike
Pimpin. I cock back with chalked palms
That take flight and land stupidly on a bastard, jive suckas stay calm.

Bitch, I'm amazing, bigger than the myth i portray
I'm what you fiend for like white people and Chik Fil-A
I’m what you need with Dro, great match like Frit-O-Lay
Moments with Reb, you gotta send them folks to free yo Bae.
Tipping on my marble floors? Nah, that’s reserved for whores
I keep ‘em in the supply room, pressing hard copies and moppin floors.
Like the operation clean,
Like the packages shrink wrapped, packed, shipped off- a distribution dream.
Serious income stream.

It. Aint. Trickin’ cuz I got it
A forest of green growing in my pockets
Diamonds in the back, on my wrist, bling when the clock hits
Pimp:15, know what I mean, fly like a rocket
A rocket baby!

(In General Pop, Rebel finds company with like-minded hooligans. They talk, exchange stories, and make...plans. It was obvious what was about to happen, but not even they understood fully how powerful it would be.)
Track Name: Rebel One, IAmQuen - 14 Bullet Spray (The Exodus) feat. IAmQuen
14 BULLET SPRAY (Rebel One x IAmQuen) (The Exodus)
Shout out to bullet spray
Shout out to the dearly departed, couldn't finish shit that he started
It was me against six-a ya'll
And since I'm still breathing and beautiful it accentuates the bitch in ya'll.
I was chill, dolo, ain't said shit to ya'll
You should’a done the same, I wouldn’ta had to dent ya jaw
The short one was the first he was all heart
But no braun, my strength was supreme and taught lessons like the ko-Raun.
I was the real deal, y'all was mere actors
Had no fear and y'all ate shit like fear factor.
Besides me, you buffoons appeared wacker
To any bystanders all you heard was laughter, plus,
I peeled ya homies back like pages in a chapter.
Felt close to God like the coming of the rapture
The hereafter, a one-way ticket to yo "Master"
Or whatever the fuck made you, you stay proof
Stupid gets you murked, and that’s the plain troof
You’re the fugazi in the display of diamonds
You’re the amazing flagrancy facets of imperfections
Flashy, but I detect them only real ones shining
And leave you fakes reclining, Shout. Out. To. The bullet.
Fools quick to pull the ratchet, but it takes a coward to pull it.
I'm guessing you think it’s macho, or maybe you need protection
But maybe if you wasn't an asshole you wouldn't need Smif n Wesson
That night I learned a lot of what that metal does
But what ya’ll did was set in motion evil, like the Devil does
I was ‘bout peace, getting together inside of several clubs
While my homies rapped to beats, and in the crowd they peddled drugs
That’s my story thugs, There is a lesson in a bullet
Whether you learned from it or earned stitches
Burned flesh or burned bridges
Bones broken or organs liquid, more than
yo dumb ass who’s gotta live with it.
Shout to Life, shout to Life Re-
Volve like a .45 cylinder Life We
Fall to the villains plot, Fall till the killing stops
Shout from the building top
Shout to Life.
Shout to Life. Shout to Life.
Shout to Life. Shout to Life.
Shout to Life. Shout to Life.
Revolve like a .45 cylinder Life.

Lieutenant: “There is something about him that I can’t get my hands on, fully. Well, he’s obviously a racist.”
Detective: “What?!”
Lieutenant: “Yep. Gotta be. He’s anti-Cop, so that makes him anti-White and anti-American.”
Detective: “Then explain why he’s in the middle of the yard with the Aryans, the Blacks, and the Mexicans like he’s... Jesus H. Christ!!! Sound the alarm!”
Track Name: 15 Children of Lesser Gods
Rearrange- your method of thinking
My criminal mind will leave your people bloated and stinkin;.
Profiling me is the dumbest thing you ever did
Or ever do, I'm one of few, make complicated effortless
Start wars with a chorus, take the vocals from Warwick
Distort it and force it into 4 fours, then recorded.
A horror story, stranger than fiction and bombin like Glory
The monster is me goin' Psycho, you humans bore me.

Rearrange- around the world, what you see in a black kid
Or brown ones, cz that kid's making it out,
Whatever your tactics are,
His words will water the drought.
You build up a prison that's part of a system
Deprive him of wisdom, but when he fights back
You crying the victim, muhfukka PLEASE!
Streets gleam with gold things, its named bling
Shiny things and Handcuffs, really the same thing.

Rearrange, what you've seen. Before.
Be changed. Things are not as they seem.
Whoa- Strange, fiends crawl in the dark
Shine your light, blow them all apart...

Rearrange- Fam, they shooting. Aw, made you
Look at the murderers with tax dollars paid to
Form a perimeter, ordered by the mayor
As warden lobbies the governor for monetary favors.
It's all game, we sliding on a chessboard
Pawns resort to prayer, begging to be blessed, lord
Knees scraped but got weight hid behind the headboard
Anything to feed the fam, hear the lioness roar

Rearrange-- we're children of lesser gods
We bang and hustle life to buy shit and press the odds
Want a record deal, for real, or maybe just be-cahz
And they know it, niggas frontin, always wanna flodge!
In the hood we love to get busy, right
Hump and have a good time, its no mystery right?
But misery comes close, when you got no folks
And all you can do is rap or become a ghost.

Rearrange, what you've seen. Before.
Be changed. Things are not as they seem.
Whoa- Strange, fiends crawl in the dark
Shine your light, blow them all apart...

(As the corrections officers drag Rebel back inside, he’s heard mumbling numbers- counting down from 100.)
“93, 92, 91...Hey. I need you to tell me something. Why do you do this? All these lives in here. All these stories. How can you tell who’s authentic? How can you tell who a real inmate is?”
“You wanna know the whys and hows? Well, it’s simple. We make rules that create you. You end up in here, because you sign up for it. Shit, you spend your whole lives trying to get here. And once you hit the front door, you’re ours for good. Generation after generation- we only release inmates to the public after we’ve propped them up for all of you to see. Next thing you know, we can literally pick which inmates we want- make it like a tryout for who gets the longest sentence. Friggin’ beautiful, ain’t it? Here’s your apartment. Enjoy your stay.”
“75, 74, 73, 72…”
Track Name: 16 Nice Teef
“15, 14, 13, 12, 11…”
“Quiet down in there!”
“8, 7, 6, 5…Hey, get the Captain. Get everybody. I want you all to see this.”

(Helicopter sounds, gunshots go off, siren is blaring. Then, the rear wall breaks loose.)
“Freeze!, Get on the ground now!!”
(Rebel commands the officers.)”Lower your weapons.This is happening. Every inmate in here is set free. I am being set free! You see, captain- I came here because I wanted to be here! I came to you, to the hive, to set these captives free! They belong in the streets, in the public. They have a story to tell, and I want ‘em to tell it! You can’t put me in a box and expect me to keep the lid closed. I’m everything! I’m everything! I’m everything…!”
(Helicopter takes off as Drum n Bass begins playing.)
Track Name: 17 The Drop
Mama forgive me hope you didn't witness
The carnage I brought to suburban markets they’ll never forget it.
Forget me. You didn't raise me to be spiteful
But I'll be damned if they Tamar or Mike me, on a stack of bibles.
That's on a gat or rifle, my rivals smacked in pie holes,
Ironic life unravels, shining the truth in my eye holes.
Leaving on a jet plane, a chopper filled with choppers
If I fail bury me at sea enjoying shrimp n lobster.
Crabs. Prayed for me to fall or slip up like them.
Sad, I beat my chest, then spit souls up just like phlegm.
Haak-too. Hup To! Up to a level high with seraphims
6 wings, champion 6 rings you must cherish him!
Heads bowed, tongues silent, knees bent at 90
Degrees, You see me elevating the blasphemous almighty
Assert dominion over genre, crush the litmus test
Mind over matter over fame, the reign is limitless.
Track Name: 18 Roll Credits
“Tell My Mom, I’m Sorry”, another fine RAW Production.
With Special Thanks to Ambrosia, Worker C, Tough Junkie, Blaze, and the corrupt Music Industry. Thanks for joining us, God Bless. Good Night.