02 Vengeance

from by Rebel One

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Supervillain with a cape and a black mask
No chase, sippin’ venom from a packed flask
Power-packed when I pass you on the freeway
A jetpack makes my getaway ea-say.
Airborne like a smoke cloud
Spreading poison on your rat pack, Rrrraaaahhh!
Death is everywhere!
Just lemme get my Hands on
A slick haired, debutant smooth faced Debonair
Nerd-lookin' Hero, Shit even he knows,
I bring Pain, my chain gain deboes Deboes No way the fiends go,
Anywhere but hard through schoolyards
To Terrorize a boulevard
Zip code, Residence, anywhere your Memah,
Grandpa Cousin 'nem chill at
I'm in there with vengeance
Blood sucka mouths like dentists
Four-finger jewelry's the sickest
Dont start shit, but end shit. Real Jackson Villain up in this
Glass jaws targets receiving the bizness
We are deceitful citizens, believe
The roll call of my fleet is a slime skeets
25-to-life to spit fire from rhyme sheets
Fire burn the fancy pants niggas that rhyme sweet
That aint hip hop, that aint from my street

Run bitches, I terrorize
Whites, natives, alligators, or arachnids with 8 eyes
Take flies, and organize the chaos
Maggots in your mattress, I catch you on your day off.
Make off like a politician or Madoff
And withdraw antics till opposition takes off.
Break off like fake lashes, a fate tragic
face wrapped in Suran mates with pavement in traffic
Digress. Diet pills and Dayquil
Make minds mess, Losing grip, Yes
Insane in the grey matter membrane
Killswitch engage make the thang thang go bang-bang
I, rather, WE will gang bang
Gangbangers with coat hangers till dang-a-langs become
dank stains
Stank lingers from wild flames
Coal bodies, briquettes- shish kabobs made from wild lames.

The Rebel speaks: “Hehehehe-hahahah. Yes! I, rather WE have come! I am many, and bring a message for your leaders. I will find them and I WILL make them learn. This, we prom-he he hehsssse.”
(He takes a few steps, then dons a walkie talkie.)
“Blaze, do you copy?”
“Blaze here. ETA (length of time between here and halfway point of Getaway car).
“Good. Good. Ensure all is taken care of. Spare no expense, including blood if necessary.”
“I'm on it. It is secure.”
“Put her on.”
She speaks:
“Rebel, What's happening? I don't understand.”
“Dont worry. We have it all under control.”
“We?! Who is we…?”


from Tell My Mom I'm Sorry, released October 10, 2016



all rights reserved


REBEL ONE Jacksonville, Florida

I make hits. Born and raised into music, classically trained in percussion and piano from the age of five. Since 1995, I've been producing, composing, and writing music for a wide variety of genres and artists. Been around the free world, experienced cultures and music that helped forge an eclectic style that is likened to none other. ... more

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