04 Getaway Car

from by Rebel One

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VERSE 1 (The Surprise)
I hear a walkie bleep...
The pigs are after me
Formation suggests a trap, I
Transform into an athlete.
My body is fine tuned, grissled thru my arms
I'm lean, mean, supreme like I was made by Ernie Barnes, majestic
Hurdle benches, channeling Jesse Owens,
Its me versus the man like im written by Donald Goings.
Defy gravity, im higher than a 8-Ball Dose
Of life in jeopardy, Trebeck aint holding answers, nope.
My steps like a panthers,
Aching as my lungs sting
Badly feeling like I got cancer.
"Worldstar!" and "Run, Bro!" Is all I hear from younguns
Hate the Cameras, but I'm realler than life, I'm Paul Bunyon
Call my weapon Babe, she gets to taking off heads
Aint nothing left to claim the bodies by except legs.
Eat them. It's Cannibalism with wine and rare mints
Ginsu unexpectedly skilled with lazers hangin from air vents.
Run. Im on the move, got lots to move
But cops'll do anything for guap like prostitutes.
Somebody paid 'em off, doe buys loyalty
Amazing what a Caddy does, have em acting like royalty
Im approach one, I know his partner's not far
Belly to back slam and shazaam- im in his squad car
"Be on the lookout for..." a black male marauder
On a mission for blood, lives getting slaughtered
Fuck 'em. And fuck her, too- I'm elbows deep in pigs
She told, now I'm driving across medians like the Stig
Tight through a chicane of cars, people diving off the sidewalk
Evil's in one ear and in the other I hear Clyde talk.
By any means, what does by any mean?
Leave none or leave some? Is there no grey or in-between?


from Tell My Mom I'm Sorry, released October 10, 2016



all rights reserved


REBEL ONE Jacksonville, Florida

I make hits. Born and raised into music, classically trained in percussion and piano from the age of five. Since 1995, I've been producing, composing, and writing music for a wide variety of genres and artists. Been around the free world, experienced cultures and music that helped forge an eclectic style that is likened to none other. ... more

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