Rebel One, IAmQuen - 14 Bullet Spray (The Exodus) feat. IAmQuen

from by Rebel One

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14 BULLET SPRAY (Rebel One x IAmQuen) (The Exodus)
Shout out to bullet spray
Shout out to the dearly departed, couldn't finish shit that he started
It was me against six-a ya'll
And since I'm still breathing and beautiful it accentuates the bitch in ya'll.
I was chill, dolo, ain't said shit to ya'll
You should’a done the same, I wouldn’ta had to dent ya jaw
The short one was the first he was all heart
But no braun, my strength was supreme and taught lessons like the ko-Raun.
I was the real deal, y'all was mere actors
Had no fear and y'all ate shit like fear factor.
Besides me, you buffoons appeared wacker
To any bystanders all you heard was laughter, plus,
I peeled ya homies back like pages in a chapter.
Felt close to God like the coming of the rapture
The hereafter, a one-way ticket to yo "Master"
Or whatever the fuck made you, you stay proof
Stupid gets you murked, and that’s the plain troof
You’re the fugazi in the display of diamonds
You’re the amazing flagrancy facets of imperfections
Flashy, but I detect them only real ones shining
And leave you fakes reclining, Shout. Out. To. The bullet.
Fools quick to pull the ratchet, but it takes a coward to pull it.
I'm guessing you think it’s macho, or maybe you need protection
But maybe if you wasn't an asshole you wouldn't need Smif n Wesson
That night I learned a lot of what that metal does
But what ya’ll did was set in motion evil, like the Devil does
I was ‘bout peace, getting together inside of several clubs
While my homies rapped to beats, and in the crowd they peddled drugs
That’s my story thugs, There is a lesson in a bullet
Whether you learned from it or earned stitches
Burned flesh or burned bridges
Bones broken or organs liquid, more than
yo dumb ass who’s gotta live with it.
Shout to Life, shout to Life Re-
Volve like a .45 cylinder Life We
Fall to the villains plot, Fall till the killing stops
Shout from the building top
Shout to Life.
Shout to Life. Shout to Life.
Shout to Life. Shout to Life.
Shout to Life. Shout to Life.
Revolve like a .45 cylinder Life.

Lieutenant: “There is something about him that I can’t get my hands on, fully. Well, he’s obviously a racist.”
Detective: “What?!”
Lieutenant: “Yep. Gotta be. He’s anti-Cop, so that makes him anti-White and anti-American.”
Detective: “Then explain why he’s in the middle of the yard with the Aryans, the Blacks, and the Mexicans like he’s... Jesus H. Christ!!! Sound the alarm!”


from Tell My Mom I'm Sorry, released October 10, 2016



all rights reserved


REBEL ONE Jacksonville, Florida

I make hits. Born and raised into music, classically trained in percussion and piano from the age of five. Since 1995, I've been producing, composing, and writing music for a wide variety of genres and artists. Been around the free world, experienced cultures and music that helped forge an eclectic style that is likened to none other. ... more

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